Preparing for the summer


After a great week at home celebrating the TT, I've been preparing myself for the next stint of events on the Tour.

I had a real battle with the weather during the first 3 weeks in Europe, especially in the Challenge de EspaƱa and the Farmfoods Scottish Challenge.

The winds were the strongest I'd ever faced which made scoring very tricky despite the fact that I was hitting the ball pretty well. I felt the same when I played the event in the Czech Republic but despite missing cuts, there are always positives to take away on tough days like these.

It's important to not get bogged down on what went wrong and think of each week is a fresh start.

A great example of how up and down golf can be is when I played with Javier Sainz, a Spanish golfer, in the Cadiz event and we both shot the same 36 hole total to miss the cut.

The following week, he won the event in Scotland! 

Overall, I'm still working hard to correct the mistakes I make during games which cost me quite a lot of points, it's been a steady process but I am starting to see positive signs!

My short game in particular has improved a lot over the last 6 months and I feel confident that it'll all come together soon for my next run of events. 


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