Global Term

Providing quality protection solutions for you and your family.

Our Global Term product provides practical protection for you and your family offering you financial peace of mind when you need it most.

Product features Investor benefits
Life cover. Should the worst happen to you, a cash lump sum will be paid to financially support your loved ones.
Critical illness cover. Pays a cash lump sum to you if you are diagnosed with one of our defined Critical Illnesses.
Life or earlier critical illness cover. Pays a cash lump sum if you die or are diagnosed with one of our defined Critical Illnesses - whichever happens first.
Terminal illness cover. Pays a cash lump sum to you if you are diagnosed with a Terminal Illness. This is included at no extra cost for cover terms of three or more years.
Total and permanent disability benefit.    An optional cover that pays a cash sum if you are diagnosed with a total and permanent disability.
Guaranteed premiums. Premiums will remain the same, throughout the cover term for life cover. For Critical illness cover, premiums are guaranteed for the first 5 years only.
Multi-currency. Premiums and cover are available in SGD, USD, GBP, HKD and EUR
Single and joint life. You can apply for Global Term on a single or joint life basis.
Cover available for any term. You can apply for cover for any number of years, providing you are under age 80 at the end.
Monthly or annual premiums Premiums can be paid either monthly or annually, whichever you prefer.

Important information

Friends Provident International Limited reserves the right to change its charges at any time, at its discretion, upon one month's written notice to the policyholder.

Friends Provident International Limited (Singapore Branch) does not offer investment advice on the merits or suitability of its products. It is therefore important that you seek financial advice on the suitability of the products to your own circumstances.

Each policy is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the law of Singapore.