Guide to investing

Preparing to invest

As you know, there’s more to investing than simple saving. With a standard savings account, although your money is relatively safe, your returns are usually limited to the interest rate available. We imagine this is one of the main reasons that you’re considering investing – the greater potential on offer, especially when you take a long-term view.

Our investment plans offer a wide selection of investment funds that could help you to achieve your financial goals. However, before investing, it’s worth reminding yourself of a few key points that can help you get the most from your planning:

  1. Establish your investment time frame – what are you hoping to achieve and by when?
  2. Work out what you can afford to invest – how do your aims fit with the rest of your financial commitments and planning?
  3. Determine your attitude to risk – have you assessed which type of investments best fit your aims and outlook?
  4. Review your investment portfolio at set periods over time – are you still on track to achieve your financial goals?

Click on the links below for more information about different aspects of investing. You can also find a handy summary of essential investment terms in our investment glossary.

We recommend that you always consult your financial adviser to ensure that any investment is the right choice for you.