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Product highlight sheets (PHS)

PHSs are available for each of our ILP sub-funds.

From the table below you can download a PHS for each of our ILP sub-funds available to investors in Singapore. These contain the relevant details of each fund, including charges (for both the ILP sub-fund and the underlying fund), investment strategy and the risks associated with investing.

Also available are documents relating to the underlying funds referred to within the PHSs. These include the full prospectus and Singapore prospectus, where applicable. Simply click on the appropriate links to access the documents.

You can also download factsheets, daily prices and performance figures for each of our ILP sub-funds.

Fund nameILP sub-fund PHSUnderlying fund prospectusUnderlying fund Singapore prospectus
R111 - Aberdeen Global Asia Pacific Equity??
R143 - Aberdeen Global Chinese Equity??
R128 - Aberdeen Global Indian Equity??
R144 - Aberdeen Global Technology Equity??
R213 - Allianz GEM Equity High Dividend???
J48 - Allianz Emerging Asia Equity???
R174 - Allianz Japan Equity???
J08 - Allianz Little Dragons???
R147 - Allianz Total Return Asian Equity???
R86 - Amundi Absolute Volatility World Equities??
R197 - Aviva Investors Multi-Strategy Target Income (USD HDG)??
R181 - Aviva Investors Multi-Strategy Target Return (USD HDG)?
R182 - Aviva Investors Multi-Strategy Target Return (EUR)?
R183 - Aviva Investors Multi-Strategy Target Return (SGD HDG)??
R198 - Aviva Investors Multi-Strategy Target Return (GBP HDG)??
M56 - Baring Australia??
R185 - Baring Eastern Europe??
R117 - Barings Developed and Emerging Markets High Yield Bond Fund??
R125 - Baring Hong Kong & China??
J46 - Baring Korea Feeder??
R164 - BlackRock Asian Dragon (USD)???
R165 - BlackRock Asian Dragon (SGD HDG)???
R130 - BlackRock US Flexible Equity???
R106 - BlackRock World Gold???
R122 - BlackRock World Gold (SGD HDG)???
R105 - BlackRock World Mining???
R121 - BlackRock World Mining (SGD HDG)???
R141 - LF Miton Cautious Multi Asset (GBP)??
R116 - LF Miton Cautious Multi Asset (USD)??
R202 - CGWM Select Affinity??
R186 - CGWM Select Diversity??
R196 - CGWM Select Global Affinity??
R133 - CGWM Select Global Diversity??
R135 - CGWM Select Global Diversity (SGD HDG)??
R102 - CGWM Select Global Opportunity??
R136 - CGWM Select Global Opportunity (SGD HDG)??
R103 - CGWM Select Opportunity??
R69 - Deutsche Noor Precious Metals Securities?
R139 - DWS Global Agribusiness?
R80 - Deutsche Invest I Africa??
R79 - Deutsche Invest I Global Infrastructure??
R170 - Eastspring Japan Dynamic (SGD HDG)?
R84 - F&C Global Convertible Bond??
P46 - F&C Responsible Global Equity (GBP)??
R195 - F&C Responsible Global Equity (USD)??
R163 - Fidelity America???
R149 - Fidelity Euro Blue Chip???
R203 - Fidelity Euro Bond???
R201 - Fidelity Euro Cash Fund??
R178- Fidelity Global Property (USD)???
J97 - Fidelity Global Telecommunications???
R27 - Fidelity Global Multi Asset Tactical Moderate (EUR)??
R26 - Fidelity Global Multi Asset Tactical Moderate (USD)??
R200 - Fidelity US Dollar Cash Fund??
R112 - First State Asian Equity Plus??
R113 - First State China Growth??
R118 - First State Greater China Growth??
R179 - Franklin US Government???
R205 - Janus Henderson Horizon China???
P59 - HSBC Amanah Global Equity Index??
R190 - HSBC Chinese Equity???
R145 - HSBC GEM Debt Total Return??
R204 - HSBC Hong Kong Equity??
R160 - Invesco Asia Infrastructure??
R154 - Invesco Asian Equity??
R157 - Invesco Euro Corporate Bond??
R151 - Invesco Global Health Care??
R152 - Invesco Global Select Equity??
R177 - Invesco Global Technology??
R155 - Invesco UK Equity (GBP)??
R191 - Invesco UK Equity (USD)??
R153 - Investec GS European Equity??
R127 - Investec GS Global Energy (USD)??
R189 - Investec GS Global Equity??
R173 - Investec GS Global Strategic Equity??
R171 - Investec GS Sterling Money??
R09 - JPM Taiwan??
R150 - JPM Emerging Markets Small Cap??
R187 - JPM Global Unconstrained Equity?
R101 - JPMorgan Liquidity SGD??
R175 - JPM USD Money Market??
R158 - Jupiter Global Financials??
R180 - Jupiter Merlin Real Return Portfolio??
R184 - Jupiter Merlin Real Return Portfolio (SGD HDG)??
R50 - Jupiter New Europe??
R193 - Mellon Global Bond (EUR)??
R142 - Mellon Global Bond (GBP)??
R107 - Mellon Global Bond (USD)??
R207 - Old Mutual Compass Portfolio 3 (GBP HDG)??
R208 - Old Mutual Compass Portfolio 3 (SGD HDG)??
R210 - Old Mutual Compass Portfolio 4 (GBP HDG)??
R211 - Old Mutual Compass Portfolio 4 (SGD HDG)??
P89 - Parvest Equity Brazil???
R192 - Schroder Asian Bond Absolute Return?
R168 - Schroder European Equity Yield (USD HDG)?
R169 - Schroder European Equity Yield (SGD HDG)?
R162 - Schroder Frontier Markets Equity?
R34 - Schroder Global Climate Change Equity?
R166 - Schroder Global Multi-Asset Income (GBP HDG)?
R167 - Schroder Global Multi-Asset Income (USD)?
R212 - Schroder Global Cities Real Estate (USD)?
R194 - Schroder Latin American?
R52 - Schroder Middle East?
R172 - Schroder Strategic Bond (USD)?
R148 - Schroder US Smaller Companies?
R129 - Templeton Asian Bond (USD)???
R119 - Templeton BRIC???
R110 - Templeton Emerging Markets???
R159 - Templeton Global???
R123 - Templeton Global Bond (SGD HDG)???
R131 - Templeton Global Bond (USD)???
R188 - Templeton Global Total Return (EUR)???
R124 - Templeton Global Total Return (SGD HDG)???
R115 - Templeton Global Total Return (USD)???
R138 - Templeton Latin America???
R126 - Vanguard US 500 Stock Index??